Leroy The Lobster

Favourite food: fish

Favourite colour: green

Favourite toy:  teddy

Favourite game: treasure hunting

Favourite book: cookbook


Favourite Food: Blueberries

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Toy: Hockey Stick and Sled

Favourite Game: Ice Hockey

Favourite Book: Stories about other places and people

James Beak (Double “O” Penguin)

Favorite food: fish

Favorite colour: yellow

Favorite toy:  car

Favorite game: video

Favorite book: Mystery Books

Lou Lou

Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite Colour: Pink

Favorite Toy: Rag Doll

Favorite Game: I Spy

Favorite Book: Any bedtime stories

Nimala The Slendor Loris

Favorite food: insects

Favorite colour: green

Favorite toy:  teddy

Favorite game: hide n seek

Favorite book: any book of old children’s stories

Diggy The Blue Iguana

Favorite food: fruits

Favorite colour: blue

Favorite toy:  sand shovel

Favorite game: tree climbing

Favorite book: Fox in Sox by Dr. Seuss.